The Ronnie Show

April 22, 2005
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard said he had a (another) bone to pick with Ronnie the Limo Driver today. He heard that Ronnie was conducting his own radio show in the hall during the break. A stripper who was supposed to be in the next segment to demonstrate her ability to turn herself into a human vibrator while giving a lap dance had already demonstrated her talent on Ronnie in the hall.

Howard said he was upset by that because Ronnie is supposed to be out there doing his job, not getting lap dances from our guests. Robin really got on Ronnie’s case, saying that supposed something had happened that needed Ronnie’s immediate attention and he didn’t do anything about because he’s hanging out with the guests. She said that a lot of people are unprofessional around here.

Ronnie came in and tried to say what happened but Robin kept talking over him. Ronnie said that Doug Goodstein was standing by him with the E! camera and asked DJ to demonstrate her talent standing up. She did and then she sat on Ronnie’s lap, according to Ronnie. Howard said he was concerned that Ronnie may have tired her out before her segment. Howard changed subjects and told Ronnie never to call his girlfriend to apologize for anything ever again. Howard said that Ronnie made Beth feel uncomfortable for asking for a ride home from the station the two days ago.

To make matters worse, Ronnie called her to apologize about yelling at Doug G. in front of her AFTER Howard had yelled at him on the air yesterday. Howard said that just made her feel bad and Ronnie shouldn’t have said anything at all. Meanwhile, Robin said that we might as well just interview Ronnie about what the lap dance was like since he had already gone ahead and done his own show without us.