A Real Midol Moment

May 4, 2005

Howard started the show today by playing the Joe Scarborough tape from MSNBC that he’s been looking for the last few days. Scarborough commented on the fake Arnold Schwarzenegger bit he did a couple weeks ago.

Joe reported that the “Govern-nator” called in to the show and said that the best way to end PMS was to blow up the moon. He said this would make women stop bitching and whining. The fake Arnold said he is going to propose a bill that would plan the destruction of the moon. Scarborough reported that the Governor is continuing to make his constituents unhappy and that his numbers are down, according to the London Evening Standard.

He said that jokes about such subjects don’t make American women laugh and sounded really put off by the fake Arnold’s comments. Howard thought that was great and pointed out that this was just another instance of a news channel not checking it’s facts.