An Amputated Orgasm

May 27, 2005

Howard took a call from a woman named Stacy who had a really, really weird fetish. She told Howard that she’s really into amputation and hopes to one day have her leg amputated. She said that amputation actually gives her sexual pleasure. Howard said he’s heard of this before and there is actually a documentary on it but he thought it was only a guy fetish. He never heard of a woman being into it. Stacy said she’s already cut off a toe with her boyfriend and she loved it. Actually, her boyfriend cut it off for her. No sawing, just one quick chop. She said that when he chopped it off she got the biggest, longest orgasm of her life. Stacy said the bleeding didn’t stop though and she had to be taken to the hospital. She joked that her next boyfriend should be an EMT so he can better deal with it. Robin asked Stacy if she did anything to dull the pain and Stacy said she didn’t, that the pain is one of the main reasons she loves amputation. Stacy said she wants to do a few more toes and then eventually her entire foot. She said it would be totally worth it to have to use crutches the rest of her life because of the pleasure she derives from the amputation. Even the thought of having stumps excites her. Howard wanted to know where all this came from. Was it something in her childhood? Stacy said she didn’t’ know but said ever since she was five or six she’s had really intense dreams about amputation. A bunch of people who were either amputees or knew someone that was an amputee called in to yell at Stacy and let her know that being amputated is no fun. Stacy said she didn’t care and that she was choosing to do this to herself and those other people didn’t choose to live that way. One caller pretending to be a doctor said he would amputate Stacy’s leg for her?.and then give her a lobotomy because she’s crazy!