Forever Rich?

May 31, 2005

Supermodel and rocker Rod Stewart’s ex-wife, Rachel Hunter called in today to promote her new show “Dancing with the Stars” premiering tomorrow night on ABC. The show features several celebrities, including Hunter and Evander Holyfield, each teaming up with a professional ballroom dancer to learn how to dance and then they’ll face off in a dance contest. Before Rachel got on the phone Howard wondered aloud if she was getting fat because, from the promo Howard saw of the show, he thought she looked heavier than the last time he saw her. Howard brought that up to her when she called and asked why she wasn’t as skinny as she was in her modeling days. Rachel insisted she was and said she weighed exactly the same as when she was shooting magazine covers. Howard said then the person dressing her on the show is doing a horrible job and should get Rachel out of sweat pants. Howard and Robin then lightly goofed on Rachel for complaining how hard it was to work on the show. Rachel said that she had to practice dance for six hours a day and it was hard but Howard told her she signed up for it and it was a job. Robin said that Rachel comes off looking lazy in the clips we played. Rachel replied that it was all in the editing and said that she really did work hard on the series. Howard then got into some Rod Stewart issues because it’s been reported recently that Rachel is furious at Rod for announcing he’s getting remarried and now wants to take him back to court to sue for more than she was originally getting from the divorce. Rachel refused to comment on any of this though. Howard said that Rachel had a pre-nup with Rod and had stated previously that she would never try to get more money out of Rod but that appears to be what she’s doing. Rachel still refused to comment so Howard told her of his desire to watch her make love to another woman in front of him. Rachel just laughed at that. Howard said he’d love to see her make love to Penny Lancaster’s, Rod’s new wife. Rachel thought this was highly unlikely.