Pregnant Playboy Pause

June 20, 2005

Howard and the crew started to get into a discussion about the White Stripes and the types of music E! Director Scott DePace listens to these days (including Kelly Clarkson), that is, until Howard remembered there was a pregnant Playboy Playmate — Angel Boris — waiting in the green room. Earlier in the show, Howard questioned why they would want a pregnant Playmate in the studio, but from his reaction to her when she walked in, that question was answered.

Angel was Playboy’s Playmate of the Month in July 1996 and is now staring in a new DVD release called “Lost Lake”. Angel is also 6 months pregnant, although she claims to have only gained 10 pounds.

Gary said that the way her belly was sticking out of her shirt was kind of bugging some of the guys in the back. Howard added while he’s not into the fetish himself, there are lots of guys who are into seeing every imaginable type of sex with pregnant chicks. Angel said she’s been an actress for a while now and played one of “Brandon’s” (Jason Priestly) girlfriends on “Beverly Hills, 90201”; someone named Emma Bennett for those who remember these kinds of things.

Hey Little Girl, Wanna Be in My Band?

Angel told a story about how, as a 16-year-old in Fort Lauderdale, FL, she and her parents were approached by a guy who wanted to build an all girl band around Angel. She said the guy must have been around 50, but that it was hard for her to recall exactly because she was so young then, he just seemed much older. She said the guy spent a few weeks bringing music and video to her house and working with her in front of her parents — effectively gaining her parents’ trust. Once he had their trust, he was able to start picking her up from school to take her to his studio to rehearse. Angel recalled how the very first time he picked her up he took her to Burger King, sat her down at a table and told her that she was just so hot that there was no way he could continue working with her if she didn’t let him have sex with her. She said that this guy had been giving her parents money which they really needed at the time so she was afraid to say no. She said the next thing she knew, they were at a hotel having sex.

She did not remember it being very pleasant. She said they did this about once a week for about a year. She said at one point, the guy eventually brought in more girls for the band, including one of her friends and she found out much later that he was doing her too. She said she quit after about a year because she just couldn’t take it any more.

If Only the Husband Had Met Her Earlier

Angel said she left home at 17, got married and divorced before she appeared in Playboy at 21. She said her ex was a jerk. Since then, she’s had parts on “90210” and “General Hospital” and she got remarried at the beginning of this year. Angel has also had more than her fair share of lesbian experiences. She said she had a wild experience once with a girl who she was doing a Playboy promotion with. She said they were in Vegas and had been out drinking and went back to their hotel room and had a wild night together. Prior to meeting her husband, Angel was a regular at the Playboy Mansion and had some interesting stories about some of the guys she’s met there.

She said she used to be on “friends with benefits” status with Owen Wilson and that they are still friends, but Wilson stopped asking for the benefits when she started seeing the guy who would become her husband. She has also dated guys like Grant Show (“Melrose Place”) and Michael Rosenbaum (Lex Luther from “Smallville”) and turned down other famous names for various reasons. Angel is a very sexual person and told stories about having 32 orgasms using a vibrating egg during a 2 hour car ride (her husband was counting), and getting off on the jets in the hot tub at her gym. She also said she has had several threesomes which were a lot of fun, but that she doesn’t want to bring another girl into bed with her husband. She thinks that would be too difficult these days. Before she left, Angel explained how her father recently lost a battle with depression and alcoholism and that she wanted to give Artie a hug because she felt a connection with him. Howard said the site of her pregnant belly against Artie’s was pretty funny. Howard had to break up the hug though because it was going on too long and he wanted to get one more lesbian story out of Angel before she left.