Howard’s Magic (Red) Carpet Ride

June 24, 2005

Howard opened the show today talking about his big night last night. He and Beth attended the New York premiere of “War of the Worlds” complete with an extensive Red Carpet session.

Howard said this was the second time this week he has been out late and it’s really wearing him out. Of course Tom Cruise was there and he actually said hello to Howard.

Robin wanted to know if Tom was really as short as people say, but Howard said everyone is short to him. Howard did a bunch of interviews on the red carpet on his way in, but felt a little funny about it since it wasn’t his event. The highlight of the red carpet time for him though was when he spotted Pat O’Brien doing interviews for “The Insider”. When he saw Pat, Howard knew what needed to be done and headed straight to him. Howard started asking Pat questions which made Pat shut off his cameras. Howard told Pat he was his hero and tried to get him to keep the cameras on. Pat told Howard about his 100 days of sobriety and a lot of the same stuff he had already said to Dr. Phil. When Pat said hello to Beth, Howard joked that he wasn’t allowed bring her home to Betsy, then he invited Pat to Scores with him. This made the camera crew crack up, but he could tell Pat really wasn’t enjoying it. Howard asked Pat to ask him a real question so he could make the reel for “The Insider” and Pat asked Howard what he would ask Tom about his relationship with Katie Holmes. Howard didn’t think they’d use his response though because Pat stood right in front of the camera the whole time blocking him.

Howard wished Pat would come on the show again because he thought he was actually warming to him and might actually answer some of his questions. Baring that, Howard hoped there was someone listening who could get him a copy of the tape they shot for “The Insider” because he knows none of it’ll ever air.