National Debate: Kelly Monaco, Hot or Not?

June 27, 2005

Hook Nose Mike called in to give a quick “f you” to the guy who called in on Friday saying he was Hook Nose. According to this Hook Nose, that was no Hook Nose who tried to keep Brian Phelan from winning some money in Hi/Lo on Friday. Howard joked that he thought the other one was better but Mike wasn’t hearing any of that. Mike also wished the E! crew the best of luck. Howard read an email from a listener who thought there might be a Stern Show curse because some of the things Howard had said he liked or endorsed, didn’t work out like John Kerry, “The Contender” and “Cinderella Man”. Howard said those examples were true, but he’s also predicted a lot of things that have been successful, like the fact that ABC’s dance show would be a big hit – which it is. This started a discussion about how hot contestant/soap opera star/Playboy Playmate, Kelly Monaco was. Howard maintained that she’s the best looking woman on the show and is worth tuning in for. Hook Nose thought her body was great but wasn’t thrilled with her face, saying she wears too much makeup. Then Ralph called in to say that Kelly is not hot and that Howard was crazy for thinking she was. Howard thought maybe Ralph was gay for thinking she wasn’t. Ralph said she was cute, but not hot – and he would do her if he had a chance, because he’s not gay. They all agreed that Rachel Hunter was not as good a dancer as she claimed to be though. At this point, Howard wound down the conversation and let Robin get on with the news.