Dead End Doody

June 28, 2005

The mystery of the un-flushed doody is being sent to the cold case files. The other day a mystery turd was found floating in a toilet in the KROCK bathroom and Professional TV Viewer JD Harmeyer told Howard he believed the doody had come from Crazy Cabbie.

Cabbie angrily denied the accusation on the air, but Howard wanted the doody sent out for DNA testing. Today, unfortunately, super producer Will Murray came back with the news that every DNA testing place he had talked to said you cannot extract DNA from doody.

One place told him there was less than a 15% chance they’d be able to get DNA from the crap and another place told him there was a 0% chance. That same place told Will that there is so little DNA in doody, they couldn’t even tell from tests if the turd came from an animal or a human. Howard found that unbelievable.

He guesses that means he can commit a crime and leave a doody behind without fear of being caught. Howard told the guys to get rid of the sample we have in the back and then added he bet Batman would be able to find out whose doody that was with all his high-tech gadgetry.

Howard joked that we need “Doody Detective”.