Pimping Power Couple

June 30, 2005

Super pimp Dennis Hof and Hollywood Madam, Heidi Fleiss came on the show today to plug their various brothels. Dennis, of course, is owner of the world famous Bunny Ranch in Nevada, one of the countries largest legal brothels. HBO actually has a series about it called “Cat House” which is currently airing. Dennis thanked Howard for plugging the show the last time he was on because the ratings have been great this season.

Howard was trying to figure out whether or not Dennis and Heidi were now dating, but it was hard to get a straight answer. At first, Heidi said the two of them never had sex, but Dennis said they did. He said she gave great oral. Heidi then started to say that she was afraid of being linked too closely to Hof because she felt it would affect her efforts to open her brothel, “Paradise”, later this year. Heidi promised that her new place will be different from the Bunny Ranch in that it would be aimed at very high powered clients. She said she’s having top designers design the bungalows so her clients can have their trysts in luxury. She also promised that privacy will be a top priority for her place.

Heidi went as far to say that even President Clinton could visit there without fear of anyone finding out. Heidi also promised nothing but the best girls for her place and said they’ll be at least as hot as any girl you see on the cover of a teen magazine. Howard wanted to know if Heidi could arrange to get him Gwen Stefani for a weekend and Heidi told him that she’s never been turned down when soliciting a girl, so who knows?