The Drunk Song

July 1, 2005

Finally, as the show wound down, the guys were able to get Jeff The Drunk in to sing his song.

Howard again yelled at Jeff that he should not have come in today because he was asked not to, but Jeff said they asked him to write a song and now he wanted to sing it for everybody. He started in on his song and after a few lines Howard cut him off. He sounded drunker then usual, slurring the words, and Howard said it sounded horrible. Jeff said the reason why it sounded bad was because they wouldn’t let him finish. Jeff added that he’s not coming back on the show anymore and told Artie he wanted his money.

Artie said he’d give him $80 to stop him from asking. Howard wound everything down with a few more calls, thinking that was it. Vinnie Favale of CBS called to wish the E! crew the best of luck and told them they were a talented group of people and a couple of other callers wanted to tell the E! guys how great they were. But before he could get out, Sal came in to tell Howard that Ronnie The Limo Driver was calling the police to remove Jeff from the building. Artie thought if he actually gave Jeff the $80 he had promised him, Jeff would leave. But to no avail, Jeff would not leave. Howard said he always gets suckered into letting Jeff into the station and this is always the result. Ronnie said, as usual Jeff was smoking and spilling beer all over the place. Howard told everyone to just leave him in the Green Room but Jeff kept yelling and cursing so Howard told him to get out. Then someone started duct-taping Jeff to the door while everyone laughed and Jeff cursed. Howard cut him off at this point to end the show.