How to Avoid Lung Cancer

August 15, 2005

Denise Foley, an editor for “Prevention” magazine, called in to discuss a few things. Howard wanted to know how Christopher Reeve’s wife, Dana, could get lung cancer since she never smoked.

Denise said some people have a genetic predisposition to lung cancer, so they still might get it even if they don’t smoke. She said the tumor lung-cancer sufferers who don’t smoke get and the ones that grow in smokers are different, as are the survival rates. Denise pointed out that radon is the second-leading cause of lung cancer, but most people don’t even know if they’re being exposed to it. In fact, she reported 15-20 percent of lung cancer patients weren’t smokers. She recommended people get their houses tested for the gas to make sure they’re safe. Robin said she likes talking to Denise because she uses layman’s terms when she’s explaining complicated topics. Howard said Denise only does that because she knows he and his audience are dumb, and that on other shows she talks more seriously.