Respect the Magician

September 9, 2005

Actor, Michael Rapaport called in to promote his new Fox show, “The War at Home”, which airs at Sundays at 8:30 p.m. Howard remembered that the last time Michael was on he was preparing to get married, and now he is already getting divorced. Michael said his bachelorhood will allow him to start spending time with Robin. Michael then asked her if she was still with Mr. X. When she responded that she was, Michael told her how rude Mr. X was to him and some of his friends at a New Year’s party Howard hosted a few years ago. Artie pointed out that Mr. X is known to bust people’s chops, so Michael was probably just taking him too seriously. However, Robin recalled that Michael and his group were making fun of the magician who was performing at the party, and Mr. X wanted them to show some respect.

Do Not Rent

Howard asked Michael about troubled “American Pie” star, Natasha Lyonne, who destroyed the apartment Michael rented to her in Manhattan. Michael explained that when he was in Los Angeles he got word that there were some problems at the apartment, so he advised Natasha to get her act together.After realizing this wasn’t going to happen, Michael flew to New York to check out what was going on. He said that there were feces, dead animals, broken glass and trash everywhere in the apartment when he arrived. He added that because he and Tasha were friends he didn’t take a hard stance on her leaving the apartment, so he ended up having to evict her. Michael noted that Tasha is a great person and that he hopes she gets through what is going on in her life at the moment.