Words From Rehab

September 9, 2005

Actor, Tom Sizemore phoned in today from rehab. Howard advised Tom that he needed to start monitoring his behavior more because soon no one will want to hire him. Tom mentioned that today is his 72nd day in the facility, and that the reason he called in was to announce his life is back on track.


Last month Tom became the latest celebrity to have a sex tape leaked out. Tom said he had only seen the trailer from the video, and that he wasn’t sure how the tape began circulating. He did admit, though, that he liked to tape himself having sex, so he knew the act was being recorded. In addition, Tom claimed he hasn’t made any money from the porno, but Gary suggested that couldn’t be true. He went on to say that he learned from someone who was involved with the distribution of the Pam and Tommy tape that everyone sees a cut of the money generated from such videos, regardless of how they came into existence.

Since Gary was the only person who saw Tom’s video, he discussed some of the highlights. He noted that Tom wears a disturbing pair of biker shorts in some of the footage, and that he makes weird faces and sounds while having sex. He added that Tom falls asleep at one point in the video – while in the act. Howard played some clips of the tape, including one where Tom wishes death upon some people and the girl he was with gets mad at him for it. Tom explained that he might have been intoxicated at the time, and that he certainly doesn’t advocate such violence.

Smell of Freedom

Tom said that he is scheduled to go before a judge on September 15 to see if he can be let out of the center. He told Howard that drugs were the reason he had to go to rehab and that he will not use them anymore. Robin mentioned that she has never heard of someone being forced to stay in rehab for as long as Tom has been there. Tom said his extended stay has actually done him some good, because he has had time to clear his head and drop a few pounds. Howard suggested that Tom come into the studio as soon as he is released so they can catch up. Tom said he would.