The Hulk Calls In

September 27, 2005

Howard announced that he had Lou Ferrigno on the phone. Robin mentioned that Lou will always be the Incredible Hulk to her. Howard added that he, too, is a big fan of Lou’s. Howard also said that because Lou is hard of hearing, everyone would have to speak up so Lou could follow the conversation.

Don’t Make Him Angry

When Lou got on the line, Howard began asking him questions that no one would be able to understand because Howard kept intentionally breaking up what he was saying. After a little while, Lou figured out that Howard was joking around with him. In the meantime, Howard told Lou he had some listeners on the line who wanted to ask him about his life. Howard then played clips of Elephant Boy, Cliff Pallet and John the Stutterer asking more questions that were impossible to understand. Lou tried his best to address what the callers said, but it was clear he was having a tough time.

Taking the Low Road

Howard wondered why Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lou’s chief competitor in his bodybuilding days, seemed to have it in for him during those times. Howard noted that while Lou was mild-mannered, Arnold took every chance he could to psyche him out. Lou agreed that Arnold resorted to such behavior, but that he always tried to be a good sport about their rivalry. Howard pointed out that Lou ended up getting the last laugh, though, because pictures of a shirtless Arnold that have been circulating recently reveal that, assuming its really the Governor, he isn’t exactly in the best shape of his life. Lou felt that with Arnold’s new role as governor of California, he may have more important things than bodybuilding on his mind.

Let’s Get Physical

Although he is huge, Lou claimed he tried steroids only once during his career and that it was under a doctor’s supervision. He went on to say that when you’re a bodybuilder for 42 years, it is easy to stay ripped. Howard wondered if Lou had any advice on how he could get in better shape; Lou responded that Howard should work out specific parts of his body three or four times a week. When Howard informed him that he already does that, Lou told Howard he might have to come to New York to work with him personally.

See No Evil, Hear No Evil

Gary reported that everyone in the office thought the joke Howard was playing on Lou in the beginning of the conversation was hilarious, even though Will Murray thought it was the meanest thing he’d ever done. Howard explained that he has known Lou for years, and that he always gives him a hard time about his hearing. In fact, because Howard forgot to play a question read by Crackhead Bob during the call, Howard had Gary try to get Lou back on the line. However, Lou didn’t pick up when Gary called him