The Art of Folding the ‘New York Times’ By Ben Stern

Discussion about Howard's father's skill of perfectly folding a newspaper

October 24, 2005
Photo: iStock

Howard noted that he is giving his parents, Ben and Ray Stern, their own show on SIRIUS next week and invited fans to call in to ask questions.

Gary commented that he would love to ask Ben how to properly fold a copy of “The New York Times.” Howard then told the story about how, when he was 8 years old he tried to do just that while sitting next to his father on a subway and that Ben went ballistic because he didn’t do it right. Gary pointed out that he has heard Howard tell that story a number of times and that he figured he was embellishing it, but discovered from Ben himself that was actually what happened.

Howard also discussed how Ben always knew what he would order at a restaurant before he got there in an attempt to impress the waiter or waitress.

Because Ben reads “The New York Times” everyday, Howard mentioned that he called his father on Saturday to ask if he had seen an op-ed piece about him that was in that day’s edition. Howard admitted that, even after all these years, he still does all he can to get his father’s approval.