Blast From the Past

November 14, 2005

Howard announced that since there are only 20 shows left, he wants to start playing more tapes that he won’t be able to take with him to SIRIUS. Given this, Howard said his favorite clips of all time feature Crazy Jerry, a man who used to call in with ‘Gina Man and ‘Gina Girl, two mentally disabled people who were under Jerry’s supervision. Howard explained that Jerry was the custodian of ‘Gina Man and Girl, until they were taken away from him, and he hasn’t heard from him since.

The first clip Howard played was of ‘Gina Man repeating what Jerry told him to say, while the second was of “Out of the Closet Stern,” one of Howard’s old characters that have been killed off by the FCC, who revealed ‘Gina Girl’s idiot-savant talents. Although there was some debate among Howard, Robin and Gary as to who came first – ‘Gina Man or ‘Gina Girl – all of them agreed that their calls were great.

Howard Gets Animated

Howard brought up that not only does he have 13 scripts written for “Howard Stern: The High School Years,” but that 30 seconds of test animation is finished as well. Howard noted that, due to his busy schedule, he’ll be handing off the writing duties to other people after the first season airs, but that he wanted to be as involved as possible in the initial stages of the show.

Because none of the computers in the studio had a DVD player in it, Howard premiered the clip of the animation to everyone off of Richard’s laptop (computer). Howard acknowledged that his character needs to be tweaked, but felt that, overall, things are going well. After seeing the footage, Artie pointed out that Howard must really have a low opinion of how he looks, because the cartoon version of him couldn’t look more hideous.