Room With a View

November 29, 2005
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

After Howard opened the show singing his own version of “Yesterday,” complete with lyrics about his upcoming move to SIRIUS, he mentioned that there has been a change of plans in regard to when they have to officially pack up. Howard explained that Richie Herby, KROCK’s chief engineer, assured Gary that they don’t have to have all their things moved out of the studio by December 16th, as Gary announced yesterday seemed to be the case.

However, Howard went on to note that while they’re packing after December 16th, Richie and his crew will be performing construction work to find David Lee Roth’s window in the studio. Howard commented that this plan is still a problem, because he and everyone else will need some time to collect their belongings and won’t want to be packing with construction going on around them.

Robin commented that Infinity already seems to be pushing her out as there was a new computer and other equipment in her booth this morning that limited her already cramped workspace.