A Reaction From Beasley

January 20, 2006
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Former New York Giants player, Beasley Reece, called into the show to discuss the statements made on yesterday’s program by one of his former teammates, Roy Simmons. Howard reported to Beasley that, not only did Roy find him attractive, but that he ended up becoming a prostitute and acquiring HIV. Beasley replied that Roy was a great teammate, but that he should’ve figured out something was up since he was the only NFL player who ever threw toga parties. Although Beasley told Howard he was uncomfortable talking about the size of his penis on the air, he did admit that Roy’s claims about his size were exaggerated. Beasley then reported that he’s working as a broadcaster in Philadelphia and went on to predict that the Denver Broncos will beat the Carolina Panthers in next month’s Super Bowl.