High Pitch Gets His Props

January 27, 2006
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Jim Florentine was the next comedian to roast Ralph. Jim started his routine reporting that Christopher Reeve had better muscle tone than Benjy and that Howard’s looks went from “a two to a three” following his plastic surgery. When he turned his attention to Ralph, Jim exclaimed that he’d rather pick out caskets for his parents than have Ralph’s job of picking out clothes for another man.

After his crack that, Ralph’s skinniness and six-pack abs weren’t the result of exercise but rather a case of AIDS, tanked, Jim blamed Bob for using so much of his material in the opening act that he was running out of things to say. However, Jim closed saying that people are jealous of Ralph that he gets to hang out with Howard, but that, since Ralph only gets to be around Howard because he has to “shave his belly,” Jim would rather “spend a week in High Pitch Eric’s crack” if he had the choice.