Jenna Jameson Visits the Studio

February 1, 2006

When Jenna Jameson came into the studio, Howard immediately commented that she looked better than ever. Jenna responded that she had gained 30 pounds recently because she was trying to get pregnant, but that she has since shed the weight and given up her plans on having a baby. Jenna went on to say that she’s steering clear of starring in porn and she currently owns her own production company. After Howard pointed out that he heard Jenna was giving advice to young starlets, she admitted it was true. Jenna then explained that girls who are just starting to get into the porn industry do things on camera – like bukkake, gangbangs and anal – that they shouldn’t be doing given their lack of experience. Jenna also said that new porn stars should begin their careers in girl-girl scenes in order to build up anticipation for wilder movies. This led Jim to comment that Jenna is definitely into girls herself, adding that Jenna once tried to pull his girlfriend into a Las Vegas bathroom to get “to know her better.”

Although she’s married, Jenna admitted that she does still have sex with women. In fact, Jenna mentioned that she’s had flings with Jenny McCarthy, which was a topic Howard wanted to explore. Jenna explained that she’s known Jenny for years and that their first experience together took place in the bathroom of a Las Vegas club. Jenna went on to say that, while on the dance floor that night, she and Jenny began making out and touching, before moving their session into a bathroom stall. Jenna added that, instead of getting naked, Jenny “side swiped” parts of her clothes and gave her a quick lick. However, Jenna said that she was too nervous to have an orgasm during the encounter, but that she and Jenny exchanged numbers. Jenna noted that she talked to Jenny on the phone a few times and that, when they hosted a Halloween party last year, they hooked up again. Jenna reported that she and Jenny used their fingers on each other as discreetly as they could while they were schmoozing with the other people at the party. Jenna added that Jenny’s fingers were enough to bring her to orgasm. When Howard pointed out that he hadn’t known that Jenny was into lesbianism, Jenna responded that she thought all women were – “under the right circumstances.” Howard replied that, since Beth won’t engage in any lesbian acts for him, he must be the “wrong circumstance.”