Alert the Press! Howard Is Available on Sirius In Canada

A caller blows the whistle on Sirius Canada downplaying the King of All Media's place on satellite radio

February 9, 2006
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Gary suggested that they have the Howard 100 News’ resident Canadian Steve Langford into the studio to talk about the big secret that Canadians hold over their southern neighbors.

Apparently, according to Steve, Canadians hate Americans. Gary reported that Steve was telling him that Canadians are all very outwardly nice to Americans, but when you get a few beers into them, it’s a different story.

Howard said that they have a “second country” mentality, taking a backseat to America and they’d be considered Americans if it weren’t for us. Howard revealed that he thought the Canadian government has a special fondness for him, partly because of his problems with them during his terrestrial radio days and now with them only offering 1 of his channels on Sirius to subscribers in Canada.

Robin said that it’s not just the Canadian government, it’s any organized group. Gary said that, in some people’s eyes, Howard was the worst by-product of the 1st Amendment.

A caller said that they’re not really promoting Howard in Canada and he’s not really even mentioned on the Sirius Canada website. The caller thought that they were afraid to promote Howard for fear of getting in trouble with the Canadian version of the FCC.

Howard said he wants to hold a press conference to promote the show in Canada and get the word out about Howard 100 to the Canadians who don’t know he’s even available up there.