The Bad Side of the Law

March 7, 2006
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Michael Dowd, a “dirty cop” who spent 12 years in prison after being convicted of drug dealing while a member of the NYPD, came into the studio. Michael acknowledged that, while in jail, his fellow inmates constantly stared him down and made him uncomfortable in general because of his former job, but that he was able to “handle his own.” Michael went on to say that he started his criminal activities early in his decade-long career by doing “favors” for his friends, while also accepting free drinks and pizza. However, Michael added that he became more daring once he became comfortable with his surroundings. Michael also said that, over time, he started receiving oral sex in his radio car, as well as taking money from homes to which he’d been called to investigate burglaries. Michael added that he’s currently editing screenplays and that he hopes to work out a book deal and get his acting career off the ground.Michael noted that he ran a drug ring for a while, which paid him $10,000 a week at one point. Michael then admitted that it was this salary that led to him being caught. Michael explained that, because of the large amount of money he was getting from selling drugs, he began forgetting to pick up his police paychecks and that raised suspicions. Michael acknowledged that he made many mistakes during his time as a cop and that he regrets them because of the embarrassment they brought the force and his family.

Michael said that he had the option of being held in protected custody during his time in jail, but that he chose to be a part of the regular prison population because he didn’t like the thought of having to spend all his time by himself. Michael explained that, with the money he made off his drug ring, he bought a number of houses that a regular police officer wouldn’t be able to afford but was still able to convince people he purchased them legitimately. Howard noted that Michael wasn’t an easy interview and that he wasn’t bringing up many of the details he hoped to hear.

Dowd reported that he now makes his money by working as a carpenter and at a delivery agency and added that he didn’t get caught for his crimes until after 10 years of being a “dirty cop” because he was good at his job when he actually applied himself. Michael went on to say that most police officers play by the rules and that he’s sorry for any pain he’s brought them.

Despite his apology, Howard took calls from several law enforcement agents who weren’t happy with Dowd. When one of the callers said that officers now have to “look over their shoulders” because of what Michael did, he responded that he “paid” his 12 years and that people like the caller can go “f*ck themselves.” When another caller noted that Michael’s kids were the ones most affected by his actions, Michael admitted that he cried for them everyday he was in prison. Michael added, though, that his children have forgiven him for what he did and that they turned out well because of the job their mother did raising them.

Benjy brought up that he heard Michael used to receive $4,000 a month from a woman while he was in prison for phone sex. Michael recalled that the woman in question read a book that was written about his case and that they started conversing a short time after that. Michael went on to say that he was engaged to another woman at the time, but that she called off their plans once she discovered Michael’s phone-sex partner. When she found out that one of Michael’s male business associates underwent a sex-change operation in hopes that they’d be able to one day marry, Robin pointed out that she didn’t think Michael looked like a heartthrob, but that he must have a way with women…and men.