Seth Green, Mark the Bagger, and Ralph Cirella are ‘The Evaluators’

March 24, 2006
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard welcomed Seth Green, Mark the Bagger and Ralph Cirella, the judges for the first installment of “The Evaluators” on SIRIUS into the studio. Howard mentioned that Seth frequently hangs out at the Playboy Mansion, so he should have an eye for the women that are good enough to get into the magazine. Seth responded that he gets invited to the mansion quite a bit, but that, at 32 years old, he isn’t sure how many more times he’ll be asked to attend parties there. Seth then claimed that he’s never picked up a woman at any of the Playboy get-togethers, explaining that he’s seen too many of his friends get turned down there to have much confidence with them.

Seth mentioned that, although he played Dr. Evil’s son, Scott (which, by the way, is the source of the infamous “Scott!!!” sound clip Fred plays for Scott the Engineer), in all three “Austin Powers” movies, the decision to be in the first “Austin Powers” film wasn’t an easy one to make. Seth explained that, at the time, the star of “Austin Powers,” Mike Myers, wasn’t the box office success he is today, so he contemplated being in Carrot Top’s “Chairman of the Board” instead. However, Seth said that he ended up making the right choice, before admitting that his payday for the movies wasn’t as large as some would think.

Ralph pointed out that he heard Seth has a big toy collection, which Seth acknowledged was true. Seth noted that, as a kid, he used to collect G.I. Joe and Star Wars figures and that he’s continued with the hobby ever since. In fact, Seth commented that his toy collection has become so large that he has to keep it in a storage unit. Seth then admitted that he used to store his collection in his house, but that he quickly discovered doing so was “a women deterrent.”

Seth claimed that he doesn’t date many women in Hollywood, although he said he was in a serious relationship with actress, Chad Morgan. Seth added that he’s now seeing a woman who has only been in Los Angeles for a short period of time. Upon hearing this, Artie pointed out that the best move in Los Angeles is always to “find a hot chick in a sh*tty car.”

Howard next reintroduced Mark the Bagger to the program. Mark reminded Howard that he’s bisexual, but that he wouldn’t be interested in dating Seth because “the action figure thing creeped him out.” Mark added that he wasn’t attracted to Ralph either, but admitted that he might be interested in seeing Gary. Mark then mentioned that some celebrities he’d like to date are Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, George Clooney and Reggie Jackson.