Rubbed the Wrong Way

A caller wants to hear more about Beth's massage

April 18, 2006
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Howard began the show by taking a call from a listener who wanted to know more about the massage Beth O. received last week from a male masseuse. Howard then instructed Gary to get Beth on the line.

As Gary was doing it, Howard commented on how much he enjoyed watching Gary work, through his monitor, while Fred played a montage of Baba Booey songs. When Beth’s call was put through, she informed Howard that she was preparing turkey meatballs for him for dinner, which led Howard to tell her how much he loved her.

However, Howard also admitted he and Beth had their first “real fight” while they were in Florida last week, explaining that he wasn’t happy that she received a massage from a male masseuse during their vacation. Howard added that he doesn’t have any rules when it comes to Beth, except for that she can only get massages from female masseuses.

Beth responded that she felt guilty as soon as she saw her masseuse, Brian, but she couldn’t refuse him just because of his gender.

Robin then mentioned that she understood Beth’s predicament, noting that giving massages was Brian’s job, and it would’ve been embarrassing for her to have to turn him away since he was already there.

Threatened By a Little Guy

Howard recalled that he found out about Beth’s massage, which was of the hot stone variety, because of a slipup she made after returning to their hotel room. Howard said that they were getting ready to go out to dinner and Beth said she was going to take a shower because “he” had gotten oil in her hair.

Howard admitted he was so upset with the news that he locked himself in the hotel room’s bedroom and didn’t talk to Beth for hours afterwards. Beth reported that Howard had nothing to worry about when it came to Brian’s physical appearance, noting that he was “a heartbreaking, little nerdy guy” who took his job seriously.

When Beth assured Howard there was nothing at all sexual about her massage, he replied that he wasn’t worried about her getting turned on; rather that Brian may have had a different reaction. Beth went on to say the massage was “normal and lovely,” but she couldn’t enjoy it because she was so nervous about how Howard would react to it.

An Easy Way Out

Beth said she wrapped herself in a sarong before her massage and, at one point, half of her rear end was exposed so that Brian could put rocks on it. Howard claimed he couldn’t touch Beth after he found out about her massage and Beth promised him it’d never happen again.

Beth again mentioned that it was “really hard” for her to get into the massage because she felt like she was betraying Howard.

When Fred asked Beth if she was having second thoughts about her massage while she was having it because it was being given by a man or because she knew she’d have to cover it up, Howard insisted it was both.

Howard also pointed out that, if he’d been in Beth’s situation, he would’ve politely informed Brian that her boyfriend wouldn’t be comfortable with a man giving her the massage and then rescheduled it.