Crystal Clear: So Many Partners, So Little Time

April 21, 2006
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Porn star, Crystal Clear, came into the studio to talk about the next movie she’ll be doing where she’ll have sex with 50 men over 60 years old. Crystal reported she’s had sex with 200 men in her life and has made about 45 pornos since she started in the industry when she turned 19, less than a year ago. Crystal went on to say she spent seven years in facilities for troubled kids when she was younger and she used to hang a sign-up sheet on her door for any of the women in the building who wanted to have sex with her. Crystal also revealed she was adopted and at 9 years old she started having lesbian sex with her non-biological cousin. Crystal added she regularly gets tested for STDs and she takes every precaution she can when it comes to the people she has sex with.