Loos Angeles versus New York

April 25, 2006
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Because “Dancing with the Stars” tapes in Los Angeles, Beth also pointed out she couldn’t imagine being away from Howard and Bianca for such a long period of time. Upon hearing this, Artie recalled he used to tape “Norm” in Los Angeles on Friday nights and would frequently fly back to New York to relax for the weekends, so he wondered if Beth could do the same thing. Beth replied, though, she wasn’t sure what her weekend schedule would be if she agreed to do the show. When Gary pointed out that Beth being on “Dancing with the Stars” would help sell SIRIUS radios, Howard said he wished other people involved with the company put as much effort as he does into getting subscribers. Before Beth had to leave for work, she told Howard she’s still on the fence about being on “Dancing with the Stars,” but is leaning toward staying in New York.