Remember the Name

May 1, 2006
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Scott, 27, the director who made “Radio Play,” called in to talk about his film. Scott said he shot his movie in a funeral home in Massachusetts and, although he works in film, admitted he doesn’t have a powerful position in the industry. However, Howard assured Scott after the festival both Richard Roeper and Todd Phillips noted he’d soon be directing movies of his own because of his talent. Scott replied the prizes he won at the festival were a bonus to the experience and it was the most he ever won for a movie he made. Scott added that he heard about the film festival on the air and “went right to work” when it was announced. Scott mentioned his initial idea was to have Howard, Robin and Fred in his film, but, since it wasn’t realistic, decided to have children play them instead. Scott also said the original version of the film was eight minutes, so he had to cut some of the script to make it fit within the five-minute parameter of the contest. Scott went on to report he’ll be paying the people who helped him with “Radio Play,” including its child stars, before telling Howard winning his inaugural film festival was “a life-changing event.