Howard Talks to Man Claiming to Be Jesus

June 6, 2006
Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Greg Gordon, a man who believes he’s Jesus, called in to discuss his life. Greg told Howard he’s currently relegated to home confinement for making threats against George W. Bush and this was after he spent 3 years in jail for other threats he made. Greg recalled his first run-in with the law occurred right after Ronald Reagan left office, when he broke into the former president’s house.

Greg admitted he was surprised he was able to actually get into Reagan’s house because of the Secret Service agents surrounding it. Greg added he didn’t see Ronald in the house, although he did spot Nancy, who he noted called in the secret service as soon as she saw him. Greg went on to say he believed Ronald was the antichrist for various reasons – like the fact that each of his names, Ronald Wilson Reagan, had six letters in it which he felt was representative of 666 – which was the reason why he broke into his house.

Greg reported he got three years in prison for breaking into Reagan’s house, as well as another three for yelling that he was planning on killing Bush in a Philadelphia train station. When asked why he didn’t believe Bush was also the anti-Christ, Greg replied that Bush was just stupid, not evil. Despite his legal troubles, Greg told Howard he lives in midtown Manhattan where he pays only $162 a month for rent.

Greg mentioned he had “a number of boyfriends” during his six years in prison, which led Robin to wonder if he believed people would accept the notion that Jesus has had gay sexual experiences. Greg responded, though, there are passages in the bible that suggest Jesus was homosexual, as long as they’re willing to find the verses.

Misty the Prostitute, another person who believes she’s the messiah, came into the studio to confront Greg. When Greg told Misty he helped defeat Satan by writing a letter stating he wanted Ronald Reagan to die the week before he passed away, he asked her what she ever did to battle the antichrist. However, Misty insisted only a “rewrite of the bible” will bring down Satan, so she didn’t think Greg actually did anything to defeat evil.

Gary announced Misty brought her 8-year-old daughter with her this morning, and he wondered if she should’ve been drinking in front of her at 8:30. As Misty was explaining she only drinks in the morning when she goes to court or appears on the show and that it was only one beer, Greg interrupted her and said he might’ve killed another man who claimed to be Jesus when they were in a mental facility together.

Greg went on to say the workers at the facility allegedly made him and the other man who thought he was Jesus fight in order to determine which would be the “real” Jesus and he “took a chunk” out of his opponent’s jugular vein. However, Greg added he wasn’t sure if he killed the guy because he blacked out for two weeks after the incident.

Misty told Howard she was “working” truck stops yesterday during her ride to New York. Misty also noted she usually charges $200 for her sessions, but she lowers her price tag to $50 when she goes to truck stops. When Robin wondered why Misty hadn’t performed any miracles even though she was supposedly the messiah, Howard responded she performs miracles every time she charges only $50 for sex.