August 4, 2006
Photo: The Howard Stern Show
Jon brought up Beth’s recent feature on a special called “The Women of Spike TV,” for which a number of people from the show, including Sal, were interviewed. Jon then played a clip from earlier this week of Howard talking about the special, including Beth’s revelation about the time a female masseuse once fondled her during it, acknowledging how turned on he was by the story. Following the tape, Jon went back to another clip that aired in the spring, which was when Howard and Beth had one of their only “big fights.” In the clip, Beth discussed the fact that she had received a massage from a guy, and not from a woman, which Howard admitted had bothered him. Howard went on to say Beth had slipped up by referring to her masseuse as “he,” which was how he discovered the person who rubbed her down wasn’t a woman, as was usually the case. Although Fred and Artie sided with Howard on the matter, Robin said she didn’t see anything wrong with Beth getting her massage from a man, adding her favorite masseuse was male, and her boyfriend, Mr. X, didn’t mind. When the clip was done, Gary admitted he was surprised by Howard’s reaction, while Ralph agreed, even though he said he understood why he wouldn’t want another man touching Beth.