Doug Stanhope Made Quite the First Impression on His Girlfriend

Comedian opens up about how he began dating Bingo

September 7, 2006
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

When Doug Stanhope came into the studio with his girlfriend, Bingo, he mentioned he was married, but was currently separated from his wife. Doug explained that, although he was technically still with his wife, he hadn’t seen her in a while, and didn’t even know how to contact her to get divorced. Bingo said she began dating Doug a year ago, when she was working as a massage therapist. Bingo also reported she had sex with Doug the first night they went out, and that they only engaged in anal sex.

Bingo said she was recently in a mental institution for obsessive compulsive disorder, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Bingo said her OCD involved her eating habits, explaining she used to eat certain foods – including tortilla shells stuffed with NutraSweet and canned pumpkins – for months at a time without any variety. Bingo added she knew it was time to be admitted to the institution when she couldn’t prevent herself from banging her forehead against any nail she saw sticking out of walls. Bingo also told Howard she once believed she was pregnant with a moose, and went as far as sending out announcements about the news. Bingo went on to say other mental “episodes” she had involved her covering Doug’s driveway with red paint and glitter, and planting a garden of silverware.

Doug mentioned there was a time when he had no problem getting naked for pictures, but stopped the practice once the photos made their way to gay porn websites. Gary then came into the studio and announced he saw a naked picture of Bingo as well, but that her nudity was the last thing he noticed about it. When Howard saw the picture, he agreed with Gary, pointing out she looked masculine because of her bald head and painted face. Bingo replied she didn’t like the photograph in question, but didn’t mind that Doug put it on her My Space page.