Bam Margera Is Keeping His Sex Life a Secret

September 19, 2006
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard asked Bam if the rumors about him and Jessica Simpson sleeping together were true, but he wouldn’t confirm…or deny them. Howard then pointed out, regardless of whether or not these stories were true, he felt Bam’s association with Jessica made him a legend to his fans, because he didn’t think people would ever believe he could get a girl of that caliber. Steve then mentioned he and Nicole Richie once made out, but that she only wanted to do it as a way to get media coverage for something other than her weight.

Howard reminded Steve that when he called into the show recently, he claimed his father was in a powerful position with Pepsi and Nabisco. However, Howard also noted he received e-mails from listeners who claimed Steve’s dad was actually involved in the security departments of those companies, which caused Steve to say he’d clear up the matter with his father when he saw him tonight.