The Rumor That Won’t Die

Howard shuts down New York Post rumors about return to terrestrial radio

September 20, 2006
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

hHoward mentioned how yesterday’s erroneous New York Post article about him supposedly returning to terrestrial radio had made its way around the media, and played clips from shows on MSNBC, CNBC and Fox News – including one featuring a radio “expert” known simply as Jane – that reported it.

Robin then revealed the article’s writer, John Mainelli, wrote another article about Howard this morning, explaining today what Howard said on yesterday’s program, where he again assured listeners he’d never return to regular radio.

Gary came into the studio and announced Penny Crone did a seven-minute interview with John yesterday, but Howard didn’t want to play it. Given this, Gary offered a synopsis of the discussion, and said John claimed his article was journalistically sound because he reported it was “a rumor,” and that neither Howard nor his agent, Don Buchwald, returned his calls.

After Gary pointed out that John seemed to think the show had lost its edge, Howard replied that, to him, it sounded as if John was merely upset at him because he didn’t return his calls.

As the clips continued, Howard pointed out – ONE MORE TIME – that “no amount of money in the world” would make him go back to regular radio, adding he “loved working at SIRIUS.”