Gary Garver With More Celebrity Interviews

September 21, 2006
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard announced he had a number of Gary Garver clips to play, and started off with his conversation with Desmond Tutu, who assured Gary he could ask him “anything.” Given this, Gary asked Desmond if he thought winning a Nobel Prize helped him pick up girls, a question that made Desmond laugh.

Desmond then said he never smoked marijuana and would be “disgusted” to find out people weren’t practicing safe sex. Gary next asked Christina Ricci if nude scenes made her uncomfortable, which she said they did. After Christina told Gary she wasn’t too short to be “A-List,” she added she couldn’t comment about Howard because she never heard the show.

In the next clip, Gary talked to Elizabeth Perkins, who was at a benefit for autistic children and who quickly ended their interview when he asked if she knew the difference between being “autistic and a retard.” Gary was then asked to leave the party by security because its promoters didn’t want “his questions” at the event. Following that, Gary asked Dick Van Dyke, who was at his own roast, if today’s comedy was “too dirty” for him, and he replied it was, and that the only things he watched on television were “Jeopardy!” and the History Channel.

Dick went on to say he used to listen to Howard, but that he wasn’t his “cup of tea.” Gary also talked to Dick Martin of “Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In,” who said he heard “three sentences” from Howard during his career on the radio, and was able to determine through them that Howard wasn’t his “kind of humor.” Finally, Gary talked to Elayne Boosler, who claimed she’d never heard Howard’s show, even though her ex-boyfriend once attacked Gary during a live broadcast 20 years ago.