John Cena’s Heart Is in Wrestling

October 11, 2006
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

As the WWE wrestler, John Cena, came into the studio, Howard wondered if he had ever taken steroids to get the muscles he had, but he said he didn’t, and that he was strong because he’d been lifting weights since he was 12 years old. John then said his movie, “The Marine,” opens on Friday, but that he wouldn’t leave wrestling even if it turned out to be a hit. John went on to note he wasn’t interested in copying The Rock, who stopped wrestling in order to pursue his acting career. However, John also said in order for The Rock to be as successful in the acting world as he wanted, he had no choice but to quit the sport.

John acknowledged he had sex with some of the women he meets on the road, remembering his best night took place with two girls at a strip club in Kentucky. John next claimed he recently had sex with a woman who weighed 280 pounds, even though the biggest compliment he could give her was that she “had a nice smile.” John proceeded to say he was dared by some of his friends to sleep with the woman, which was why he did it. John added he always used protection when he had sex with women, and that he had no discrimination when it came to his dates.

Howard asked John about the remarks Chris Kanyon made on the show last week, insisting he was fired from the WWE because he was gay. John replied he knew Chris well, and that he felt he lost his job because he wasn’t “a good entertainer,” not because he was gay. John also noted he wouldn’t have any problems wrestling a gay man, and that he didn’t think homosexuals were looked down upon in wrestling. John then commented “The Marine” was about how he was discharged from the military, and had to save his movie-wife after she was captured by “the enemies.”

Eric the Midget called in to talk to his idol, John, but couldn’t say anything for the first few moments, which Howard thought meant he was nervous. After Eric claimed he wasn’t nervous, he asked John if the nudity he saw recently in an episode of the WWE was real, but John wouldn’t comment because he hadn’t seen the broadcast. John then recalled meeting Eric last week at the premiere of “The Marine,” and thought he was “a nice guy.”

Joey Boots also called in, and accused John of having done steroids in the past, but John denied ever having used them. John then explained the steroid topic was “a no-win battle” because as soon as someone got muscular, he was automatically tied to the drug, despite whatever tests he took to prove otherwise.