Bob Saget Joining the Ranks of Host

Bob Saget stopped by to talk about his new NBC game show, "1 vs. 100." Bob reported he was told by the game's producers to do a combination of his standup and the act he did on "America's Funniest Home Videos" for the show, which he said he agreed to do even though he didn't think he was good on the latter. Bob then explained the game as being "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?" meets "You Bet Your Life," with 100 people competing for cash by answering trivia questions. Gary reported Bob wasn't initially interested in doing "1," but changed his mind once he saw how much money he was being offered. Bob then admitted he was drawn to the money, and that the cash was simply "there" at NBC.

Bob mentioned he got divorced nine years ago, and that his 19-year-old daughter was in college in New York. This led Artie to say when he met Bob's daughters on the set of "Dirty Work," he could tell they were "going to be hot," despite their young ages at the time. Bob then said he waited eight months following his divorce before he had sex again, and that the first time was an "incident" in Malibu which quickly ended when the woman told him she thought she may have gotten pregnant. Bob also mentioned he was 50 and was currently dating a 26-year-old woman. Howard commented that he heard college girls try to give Bob their phone numbers when he does college shows, which Bob attributed it to his role as Danny Tanner on "Full House." Howard next admitted he saw how women could be attracted to Bob, seeing as he was "a good-looking man" with money. Bob then recalled he was performing in South Carolina earlier this week, and several women threw (unused) tampons at him, with their phone numbers written on the wrappers.