Howard Gets a Special Call From Underdog Lady

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Gary came into the studio and announced Underdog Lady, Suzanne Muldowney, was on the line, and Howard picked up the call right away. Suzanne, who Howard noted "sounded nervous," mentioned she was still doing her "art," and refused to answer any questions about her personal life. Suzanne then said she had "something very important to say," but first Howard observed that she "sounded sad," which caused her to go silent.

Suzanne admitted she had been receiving "hundreds of positive e-mails" from people, but added there were still those who she referred to as "thorns in her side," explaining they constantly try to humiliate her. Suzanne then said a documentary about her, "My Life as an Underdog," would be debuting at the Coney Island Film Festival this coming Saturday in Brooklyn.

When Howard told Suzanne he had a man who wanted to date her, she responded she wasn't interested, pointing out she had better ways to spend her time than with "a member of the opposite sex"...unless he could help her career. In fact, Suzanne claimed she was a virgin, and didn't have any sexual urges because her high school health teacher instructed her not to have them.

Because Howard had brought up the subject of Suzanne getting breast implants, he took a call from Dr. Sal Calabro, who offered his services for her. However, although Howard said he thought it was "a nice gesture" on Dr. Sal's part, Suzanne informed him her "bust" was big enough.

As Howard turned the topic to Suzanne's weight, she hung up on him. Gary then got on his intercom and told Howard that, at 19 minutes, he'd just had his longest conversation with Suzanne...ever.