Joanie Laurer on Why She’s Putting Chyna Doll Behind Her

Legendary wrestler tells Howard she underwent plastic surgery in search of a new beginning

November 13, 2006
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Joanie said she had an idea for a reality show before noting being fired from wrestling, having an abusive boyfriend, being alone, and trying to find a job were the most difficult times of her life.

Joanie proceeded to mention she’d been off drugs for years, but admitted she “partied hard” and was therefore back to drinking. Joanie also said she was “kind of” dating someone from her band, which led Artie to ask when the man found out he was gay.

Joanie also reported she wanted to have plastic surgery performed on her so she could emerge from Chyna’s body, and that was what she wanted filmed for her reality show. After Howard acknowledged he didn’t know what kind of changes Joanie wanted to make to her body, Gary came into the studio and said he had a better idea of what she desired following a conversation he’d had with Joanie’s manager.

Gary then reported Joanie wanted to become a different person both inside and out, and that was what she was pitching to networks.

Joanie brought up she was friends with Anna Nicole Smith, although she said she hadn’t spoken to her during her recent problems. Joanie next talked about her acting aspirations, adding that she was living in Burbank and was in a much better situation than she was during her last appearance at KROCK. Howard then took some calls from Joanie, and had her demonstrate the girliest voice she could. Upon hearing it, though, Howard pointed out his girl voice sounded more feminine than Joanie’s and promised he’d watch her reality show if it ever got picked up.