Gilbert Gottfried Explains the Cold Side of Love

December 6, 2006
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

As Gilbert Gottfried made his way into the studio, Howard announced he’d heard that he was engaged, which Gilbert acknowledged was true. Howard then said he also heard Gilbert’s fiancé was pregnant, and he replied it was “a possibility,” but ended up admitting that that rumor was accurate as well. Howard went on to note from what he knew of Gilbert, he didn’t think he was interested in getting attached to people, so this news shocked him, and he wanted to hear the details.

However, Gilbert wasn’t very forthcoming with those details, although he did mention that he wasn’t sure if his girlfriend’s pregnancy was planned, even though he admitted that he didn’t wear condoms when they had sex. Gilbert also said there was no date set for the wedding, and that he didn’t know what gender his baby was.

Howard turned the topic to Michael Richards, and Gilbert pointed out he was jealous of the attention Michael was getting over his tirade, especially because he used the n-word in his act all the time, but never got attention for doing so. Despite Howard’s attempt to switch the subject, Artie said he didn’t think Gilbert would ever get married or have a child, and Howard agreed. When Gilbert then found out Artie was single, having sex again, and playing Carnegie Hall, he replied that this news was “like a dagger in his heart.”

Gilbert proceeded to talk just a bit about his upcoming fatherhood, claiming he’d be ready to be a good father to his child – when the time came. Gilbert added, though, that he wanted to keep his personal life private, but did acknowledge he let his girlfriend pick out her wedding ring on her own without any price restrictions from him.