Stern Show Staff Praises Hilarious Jay Thomas

Jon says the actor, comedian, and frequent guest is of the funniest guys to come on Howard's Sirius show so far

Jon pointed out that one of the funniest guests who has appeared on the SIRIUS show so far was Jay Thomas.

Jon admitted that he didn't think Jay would be as entertaining as he was and that he was surprised with how open Jay was on the air.

Gary responded that he once sat next to Jay on an airplane and was blown away by his candor. In fact, Gary added that Howard's agent, Don Buchwald, who also represents Jay, calls Jay "America's Funniest Living Room Comedian," because of the way he acts when he's not "performing." Gary also mentioned that when he proposed booking Jay, there wasn't much of a positive reaction, but it turned out to be a great appearance. Jon then played a clip of Jay's appearance in which he ripped apart his former "Mork and Mindy" costar, Robin Williams.

After the tape, Ralph said that, to him, no one in the show's history was ever more candid than Jay. When Ralph pointed out that Jay's observation of how badly Robin Williams used to smell wasn't in the clip, Gary said that Jay's statement was true.

Gary explained that Robin came onto the show in the late 1980s and that Jackie Martling reported that he did, in fact, stink.