Janice Dickinson: Substances Make for Bad Interviews

Once Misty was gone, Janice apologized to Howard for her last appearance on the show. Janice acknowledged she had spent the night before her most recent appearance drinking vodka and "maybe some other substances," so she wasn't herself when she was being interviewed. Howard accepted Janice's apology, and brought up the time he ran into her at a bar and thought he could've had sex with her if he had wanted to. Janice replied that she remembered the night in question, but told Howard she wasn't sending him any signals during their encounter. Janice went on to say, though, that Howard has always been high on her list of men she was interested in.

Janice mentioned her new show, "The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency," isn't like her former program, "America's Next Top Model," because it actually gives the participants careers in modeling. Janice added most of the people who appear on "The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency" are men and women she discovered on the street. Howard commented that Janice also has a book, "Check Please!," out as well. Janice said her newest book is about her sex life, before noting she's been with more than 1,000 partners in her life.

When Janice refused to tell Howard who her ugliest partner was, Gary came into the studio and guessed it was Jon Lovitz. Janice replied, though, Jon was one of her best lovers and went on to recall Roman Polanski was her worst date because he barely talked to her throughout their time together and did not end up sleeping with him.