Money for Nothing

January 25, 2007
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Following some clips from Big foot’s CD, “Big White Cadillac,” KC Armstrong called in.

Howard started the interview by asking KC how he made his living, and he responded by joking he’d taken to “sucking c*ck.” Gary then came into the studio and said he thought women supported KC simply because he was good looking, but KC denied the claim.

As KC went on to recall how he and Jessica Hahn got into an argument last year over a watch he supposedly sold to her assistant and “hand job” that either did or didn’t occur, she got on the line and apologized for the misunderstandings. When Jessica hung up, KC reported he made money from his comedy act and the television show he did that people could watch on their cell phones.

KC then told Howard he had some people for the show, including a man who said he had John F. Kennedy Jr’s foreskin; one who claimed he could ejaculate 16 times in a day; and an undertaker who, for $50, would let people stab corpses. Howard replied that he was interested in talking to the last guy, and KC promised he’d “hook it up” for him.