Benjy Uses Questionable Weight Loss Methods

March 7, 2007
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Artie questioned Benjy’s weight-loss tactics for the Battle of the Blobs, pointing out he was eating a “trough” of salad this morning. This led George to say it wasn’t just what people ate but how much of it they consumed that mattered, while Howard reported the eight contestants in the game collectively weighed more than 2,000 (or ONE TON). Benjy then noted he hadn’t felt hungry since his weigh in for the competition yesterday; adding he also went to the gym to help shed some pounds.

However, when Artie asked Benjy what he did at the gym, he replied, “I watched part of ‘Seinfeld.'”

Howard then suggested Artie try one of his weekday meals of chicken, tofu, vegetables, nuts, rice and fruits, but Artie acknowledged he didn’t think he’d be able to do it because there was “no flavor” in those foods.

On hearing Artie’s opinion of his diet, Howard told him that he liked what he ate, because it allowed him to eat whatever he wanted on the weekends. George added he went to dinner last night with Tim Sabean, another person in the Battle of the Blobs, and reported that Tim had demonstrated “great control,” eating fish and vegetables, while passing on wine and dessert.