Eric the Midget to Johnny Fratto: ‘You Know What to Do’

March 12, 2007
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Johnny Fratto called in with an interesting voicemail he had gotten from Eric the Midget, who was also on the line. In the clip, Eric was angered by a caller from last week who had claimed to have gone to high school with Eric, and had criticized Eric because of the ramps that had to be constructed just for him.

Eric went on to tell Johnny in the message: “Find that guy; his name’s Jerry. You know what to do. You know what to do. Just find him.”

Following the tape, Eric insisted his message to Johnny was a joke, but Robin pointed out she didn’t hear any humor in what he’d said.

This led to a discussion about Johnny’s ties to the mob, with Artie noting that, given what Eric had said, he wouldn’t be surprised if Jerry Lewis and Jerry Seinfeld went missing. Johnny then asked Eric to talk about “his dream,” which, after some prodding, he finally agreed to do. Although Howard at first figured Eric had a “wet dream,”

Eric acknowledged it wasn’t that kind of wet dream, explaining he actually urinated in his sleep while dreaming about going to the bathroom in a bathtub. Ralph then called in comparing Eric’s message to Johnny to a scene in “The Untouchables,” while Fred referred to Eric as “Tiny Soprano.”

As Ralph continued to laugh at the thought of Eric “ordering a hit,” Howard played the message again, which got everyone in the studio laughing. Ralph then reminded Howard that Eric used to be mad at him for implying he was “evil,” and now he was informing a man with connections to the mob about someone he wanted him “to find.”

Then, after a break, Jessica Hahn called in to apologize to Eric for anything she may have done or said to anger him during their “bulletin board war” a few weeks ago.