Virgin News: The Wait Will Continue

March 20, 2007
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard got KB the Virgin, the winner of yesterday’s round of Sphinctionary, on the line, but Will reported the porn star, Lexi Bardot, who was supposed to have called in as well and who agreed to go on “a date” yesterday with KB, was nowhere to be found. KB then said that, as soon as he and Lexi got into her hotel room following the game, she told him that she wouldn’t have sex with him, and would just touch his penis “a few times” instead. KB added he’d been sober for 246 days before Lexi convinced him to drink a beer with her during their time together. This led Howard to acknowledge Lexi used the show for plugs, adding he heard she wouldn’t even get naked or allow KB to get onto her bed either. Once he found out KB lived in New Jersey, Artie invited to a comedy show he was doing in a few weeks in Atlantic City , and that he’d be sure to “get him laid.” This led Howard to note that, if he ended up having a bachelor party, he’d be sure to invite KB to it. Upon hearing that, KB said “that would be a dream come true” and thanked Howard and Artie for helping him get a woman.