Don’t Mess with Tracey’s Interns

June 14, 2007
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard mentioned that Tracey, who works as the show’s office manager and intern-wrangler, called into The Intern Show last night and “blew her stack” at Steve Grillo.

She was upset that Grillo had invited all the interns out after the Inty Awards to the bar where he works, where he would “take care of them,” but ended up stiffing them with a three-hundred-plus bar tab.

Tracey had to pick up the remainder of the tab because the interns, who thought the bill was being comped, hadn’t brought money. Tracey rightfully roasted Grillo, lambasting him for sticking unpaid interns with a huge bill when he, of all people, should know interns have no money, as he was an intern himself for seven years.

Howard said Tracey argues like she has brothers, because she hits all the high-points.