Jim & Robin: The Beginning of Something Special

August 16, 2007
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Artie started the show off noting that he ran into Jim Florentine in the street yesterday. Artie asked Jim if he was serious about taking Robin out to dinner, so Jim explained that he’d always been attracted to Robin. When Robin confessed that she gave Jim her number after yesterday’s show, Artie told her that she would probably just get a bunch of phony phone calls from Jim’s friends. Howard said “it was fun to be there at the beginning” of Jim and Robin’s relationship. A caller suggested that Robin let Jim “tittie-f” her just to make him feel better, a practice Howard admitted he wasn’t a big fan of. Artie said he loved the act and explained to Howard how to do it “properly,” and Fred revealed that he was a big fan of the practice as well. Artie told the crew that he tittie-f’ed “the hottest chick I ever dated,” a former Playboy Lingerie model. Robin asked if he used some kind of lubricant, so Artie explained that saliva worked well.