Robin’s Aggressively Private Dating Style

August 16, 2007
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Robin said she would prevent herself from hooking up with Jim Florentine on their date by not getting waxed beforehand. Everyone in the studio (except Benjy) thought Jim genuinely wanted to date Robin, but Robin still maintained her doubts. Steve Langford asked if he could come along on the date in order to report on it, but Robin refused and said she’d come armed. If she saw Steve while she on her date, “there will be an altercation.” Howard asked Robin if she was sexually attracted to Jim, and Robin said she’s had a “little crush” on him for a long time. Artie yelled, “This is huge!” and demanded that Steve Langford began reporting on Robin’s “little crush” immediately. Fred joked that Steve would be reporting on how “sticky” Robin’s chair was before the end of the day.