Benjy is Forty and Single

September 25, 2007

Howard reported that Artie wouldn’t be in today; he called an intern and told them he was sick. Howard asked Benjy if he was into marriage, so Benjy replied that he might be, if only “as a partnership.” Benjy added that he didn’t think monogamy was important. Howard said he heard that Benjy and his girlfriend, Sheila, had broken up, and Benjy admitted that they’ve grown apart over the last year. Howard joked he was surprised anyone would want to stop sleeping with Benjy. Howard asked Benjy if they were broken up at his engagement party, but Benjy’s answer wasn’t clear. Howard and Robin started to become irritated with Benjy’s circuitousness, so Benjy quickly explained that his lifestyle was too spontaneous for Sheila, as she likes to plan things. Benjy said he would marry Sheila, but she probably wasn’t into an open marriage. Howard thought Benjy was still “schticking” it up too much and moved on.