Ike Turner is Still With His 14th Wife

October 17, 2007

Ike Turner called in and told Howard that he was in bed with his fourteenth wife. Ike said that he was going to be suing the National Enquirer over a story they recently ran about his wife trying to poison him with a Viagra overdose. Howard asked Ike if Tina was his first wife, but Ike claimed they never got married. Ike then told the crew that he had sex with a 45-year-old woman when he was six, saying it was “fun.”

Ike remarked that though he’s never been a drinker, he’s spent well over a million dollars on coke during his lifetime. Howard asked Ike about his friendship with Phil Spector, so Ike explained that Phil could never have shot a woman. Ike then denied that he approved the “What’s Love Got To Do With It” script and told the crew that a lot of his issues come from seeing his father get lynched when he was a little boy.

Howard got Ike’s (fourteenth) wife on the line, and she revealed that even at the age of 76, Ike still “gives it to her.” Howard was surprised that Ike could still get hard at his age, so Ike replied that he got “hard as Japanese ‘rithmetic.” Howard and Ike then compared the ages at which they first had sex with women of a different race, but before long, problems with the phone connection caused Howard to end the interview.