Lisa G Gives Out a ‘Vibe’

October 17, 2007

Howard read an email from a fan who thought Lisa G would never get a man if she continues to be so picky. Lisa G came in to say she’s gone out with “all shapes and sizes,” so she couldn’t figure out what the email was talking about. Artie said he could “get” Lisa G, noting that he got “a vibe” from her at his birthday party last week. Artie speculated that Lisa was so frustrated right now, she might be vulnerable enough for him to have a chance. Lisa laughed at that. Howard asked Lisa if she ever came close to getting engaged, and Lisa said yes, noting that her job got in the way. The crew wondered if Lisa thought anyone on the staff was attractive, but Lisa refused to name any names. Howard asked Lisa if she’d rather have sex with Ronnie, JD, or Richard, and Lisa chose Richard without hesitation. Howard then tried a few more scenarios. Between Scott the Engineer, Jason, or Jon Hein, Lisa chose Jon. Jason, Benjy, or JD: Jason. Ronnie, High Pitch Erik, or a dog: the dog.